6G74 3.5L to 6G72 3.0L comparison Pictures!

      Last updated 12/28/05

      Piston Comparison

      Crank Comparison

      alternator Bracket Comparison

      Power Steering Bracket Comparison

      6g74 DOHC CAM gears timing marks (that line up with the valve covers) are 1/2 a tooth different from 6G72.

      6G72 cam gear has a dot in the center of the tooth
      You can see the 6G74 Cam gear underneath the 6G72 Gear in this picture

      6G74 cam gear has a line between the teeth, this is the one you need.
      6G74 Cam Gear

      The DOHC Montero Oil pan is a little large and the dipstick tube is on the wrong side

      DOHC Montero engine, Notice the thermostat housing on the wrong side of the engine
      Also notice the Timing belt covers are very ugly and I don't know if they are useable

      Oleg Reznik from Latavia may be the first person to complete a 6G74 Swap.
      He made the Montero thermostat housing work in his 6G74 Swap with a LOT of creative water plumbing!

      All of the pictures below were provided by Steve @ speedfreakracing
      Steve is using a DOHC Montero engine to do a 6G74 swap into a FWD naturally aspirated 3000GT

      DOHC Montero engine, Notice the engine mount and oil filter housing that are not useable
      Also notice the oil dipstick tube on back side of engine

      Same DOHC Montero engine with 6G72 oil filter bracket and A/C compressor mounting bracket installed

      The DOHC Montero harmonic balance will not work in a 3s, next to a Lightweight aluminum 3S crank pulley

      The DOHC Montero water crossover tube is just all wrong!

      The 6G72 Water crossover tube will not wotk either

      The DOHC Montero Lower intake has rounder holes but it will still work

      A 6G72 Alternator mounting bracket will not fit w/o modifications

      A 6g72 P/S pump bracket and idler pulley is too clost to timing belt idler pulley

      A NA Montero or JSPEC 6G74 has a plug were oilsending unit is needed

      Once the plug is removed the adpater from a 6G72 engine can be installed

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